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Participating in PMA's Virtual Museum Seminar Program, with (from left) Kate Duffy, Senior Conservation Scientist, and Sally Malenka, Senior Conservator of Decorative Arts and Sculpture.

Video tour of PMA's Furniture and Woodwork Conservation Labs, shot for the WUDPAC class of 2023's Furniture and Wooden Artifacts block virtual lab visit.

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Outreach and Education

During my third year in the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, I was fortunate to have several opportunities to participate in conservation education and outreach and to share my enthusiasm for furniture and wooden artifact conservation with other students and the public: 

  • During the Summer of 2021, I spoke to students in PMA's Virtual Museum Seminar Program, in which undergraduate and graduate students are exposed to the inner workings of the museum through virtual visits and seminars. I presented one of my projects to the students and participated in a separate question and answer session for students who were interested in learning more about conservation. 

  • In the Fall of 2020, I hosted a virtual lab visit to PMA's Furniture and Woodwork Conservation Labs for the WUDPAC class of  2023 during their first-year Furniture and Wooden Artifacts block. Along with other members of the furniture lab, I gave an informal presentation on my work in furniture conservation. Since students were not able to visit the labs in person, I also shot a video tour (shown at left), which highlighted several ongoing projects and illustrated the scope of work that takes place in the lab.

  • In the Summer of 2020, I participated in the "Family Treasures" blog series that was organized by WUDPAC professor and Winterthur Textiles Conservator Laura Mina and WUDPAC class of 2022 fellow Bellie Camp and hosted by the University of Delaware Art Conservation Department. This series shared information about caring for personal collections and family heirlooms for people stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. My contribution focused on the care of gilded picture frames and on the importance of frames more generally. View blog entry HERE 









Jason Wierzbicki​

Jason Wierzbicki

Images from Family Treasures blog post on gilded picture frames. (Images, clockwise from upper left, courtesy of: Columbia University Libraries,, Kehinde Wiley studio.) 

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