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Treatment of

Kaipure's Tomb Chapel

Saqqara, Egypt

(2500-2170 B.C.E.) 

University of Pennsylvvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

This carved and painted limestone Old Kingdom tomb chapel was excavated in Saqqara, Egypt, and acquired by the Penn Museum in the early 20th century.  At the time of this treatment, the 61 blocks of the tomb's East and South walls had been deinstalled as part of a vibration mitigation project and needed stabilization so that they could be transported to off-site storage during gallery renovations.  The treatment involved cleaning dirt, grime, and exhibition paint from the limestone blocks, consolidating loose and flaking paint and deteriorated stone, reinforcing lifted and tented material with supportive fills, and in-painting fills to blend with their surroundings.  I treated 13 of the limestone blocks during my involvement in this project.  This treatment was supervised by Penn Museum conservator Molly Gleeson, and completed alongside fellow project assistants Céline Wachsmuth and Anna O'Neil.          


View full conservation treatment report HERE

Photo by Lucia Scanlan

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