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Philadelphia Museum of Art: Treatments

During the course of my internship at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I treated a variety of objects in the Furniture and Woodwork conservation lab under the supervision of Behrooz Salimnejad, Senior Conservator of Furniture and Woodwork, and Peggy Olley, Associate Conservator of Furniture and Woodwork. Collaboration with Conservation Photographer Jason Wierzbicki was key in documenting all of my treatments and in carrying out examination using X-radiography and ultraviolet light illumination. Sally Malenka, Senior Conservator of Decorative Arts and Sculpture, and Melissa Meighan, Conservator of Decorative Arts and Sculpture, were also important collaborators on treatment of composite objects like the English bracket clock below. 


Jason Wierzbicki


Jason Wierzbicki

Philadelphia triple chest


Liz Peirce

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