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Seminars & Workshops


Moulding Plane Workshop 

Instructor: Matthew Bickford

Planemaker Matthew Bickford instructed students in the use of wooden-bodied hollow and round moulding planes to create a range of moulding profiles by hand.

Photo by Mark Anderson

Wood Identification Seminar

Instructor: Randy Wilkinson

Furniture conservator Randy Wilkinson instructed students in identification of softwoods, including sampling, sample preparation, and non-invasive identification strategies using DinoLite digital microscope.  

IMG_2188 2.JPG

Panel Painting Structural Treatment

Instructor: Alan Miller

Paintings and furniture conservation students assisted structural paintings conservator Alan Miller in the joining of a warped and split panel attributed to flemish painter Joachim Patinir.    

Photo by Sarah Towers

Carving Study

Instructor: Christopher Storb

Furniture conservator Chris Storb instructed students in wood carving.  The course covered selection, shaping, and sharpening of tools and instruction in carving traditional frame and architectural motifs including gadrooning, fluting, water leaf, and ribbon-and-stick.  Practical instruction was augmented by study of carved objects in Winterthur's collection.  


Photo by Sarah Towers


Modular Cleaning Program Workshop

Instructor: Chris Stravoudis

Paintings conservator Chris Stravoudis instructed students in the Modular Cleaning Program.  In addition to lectures, students learned to prepare stock solutions, build decision-making skills, and performed cleaning tests on treatment objects.    

Photo by Joyce Hill Stoner

Leather Conservation Seminar

Instructors: Lara Kaplan and Melissa Tedone

Winterthur objects conservator Lara Kaplan and library and archives conservator Melissa Tedone instructed students in the conservation of leather, including examination and identification, collagen shrinkage temperature testing, consolidation, mending, and the creation of cast composites for use in loss compensations.


Photo by Melissa Tedone

Additional Seminars and Workshops:

​Anoxia Treatment​​

Instructors: Bret Headley, Laura Mina and William Donnelley

Students constructed MarvelSeal chambers to perform insect eradication treatment on a sofa and a carpet in Winterthur's collection using nitrogen gas and oxygen scavengers to create an anoxic environment.

Mist Consolidation

Instructor: Julie Ream

Students gained familiarity with nebulizer treatments as a strategy for the treatment of friable surfaces.  A variety of apparatus and consolidants were tested.



Upholstery Study and Documentation

Instructors: Nancy Britton and Laura Mina

Conservator Nancy Britton hosted furniture conservation students in her lab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  She discussed current treatments and conducted a tour of the museum's galleries and open storage with a focus on upholstery treatments.  Nancy also conducted a seminar at Winterthur covering her approach to the documentation of upholstery and other layered structures. 



Polarized Light Microscopy

Instructor: Kirsten Travers Moffitt


Conservator Kirsten Travers Moffitt instructed students in pigment identification using polarized light microscopy, including sampling and analysis of treatment and technical study objects.  

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